Jimmy’s mystery woman reveals herself

Kelly’s back in Emmerdale – and she’s ready to help Jimmy find memories she wants him to have. The little minx slips into the village and catches Jimmy when he’s on his way to the toffee factory. She tells him she’s sorry (for bashing him over the head when they were in his truck) and is stunned when it becomes clear that he hasn’t got a clue who she is or why she’s sorry. Jimmy reveals he’s lost his memory and Kelly sees an opportunity to get Jimmy just where she wants him – by her side. She tells him he loved her and Jimmy’s intrigued, so Kelly tells him she’ll tell him more when she comes back.

But Jimmy tells Carl, who tells Jimmy something’s not right and Kelly’s a wrong ‘un.

Chas gives Jackson a piece of her mind; a big, angry piece that demands Jackson stops messing Aaron around. Her son gives Jackson everything and gets nothing back. Oooooh, Hazel doesn’t like hearing that!

Farmer John doesn’t like Adam turning up late for work and tells him he’s going to dock his wages. Adam doesn’t like being expected to work overtime for nothing and quits.

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