Jimmy’s not himself – he doesn’t know who he is!

So Jimmy has been found but, in fact, he is still lost to Nicola… and to everyone who knows him. At the hospital, Nicola and Carl are shocked to find that Jimmy can’t remember anything about what happened to him. He doesn’t know who he is and he certainly doesn’t know who Nicola is. She tells him she’s his wife and she loves him; he tells her she’s a stranger.

Debbie has a surprise visitor who is not a stranger (well, not to her but it’s the first anyone else has seen of him). His name’s Cameron (played by ex-Bill actor Dominic Power) and he has followed her to Emmerdale from Jersey. Seems Cameron was Debbie’s Jersey cream – but things soured because he’s married with kids and Debbie doesn’t want to be a home-wrecker. She doesn’t want anyone to know about him, either, and tells him to leave.

Charity makes it clear to Cain they’re finished, too – so he can have as much of the poisonous porcelain prima donna (yes, that’s Faye) as he wants. What’s more, if he breaks into Jai’s house in the middle of the night again, he should look for her in Jai’s bedroom, because that’s where she’ll be.

*Second episode, 8pm*

The ginger whinger is doing her worst again… someone give her some cheese to go with her whine. Knowing how Cain is burning with jealousy at the very thought of Charity and Jai together, Faye moans to him about how she has to watch them all over each at work. And once she has wound him up, she steps back and watches him go ballistic. He confronts Charity outside Jai’s home and tells her he will make sure she’s never happy with Jai. Now, if anyone should know when Cain means business it’s Charity and, as Cain walks away, she looks more than a little worried…

Chas and Paddy are worried for Aaron. He’s told Jackson he loves him and wants to be with him no matter what. It’s the ‘no matter what’ part that bothers his mum and his friend. That’s a big commitment Aaron’s making. Does he really understand what he’s committing to? Aaron says he does; he knows what he wants: a life with Jackson.

Nicola wants her life with Jimmy back, but he doesn’t remember that life and is scared when she tells him she’s taking him back to Emmerdale.

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