Jimmy’s not in the mood for love

After having his vasectomy reversed, Jimmy’s feeling a bit sore down below and is in no mood for any hanky panky with Nicola, so while she’s keen to put their baby-making plan into action, he just wants time to recover. But he soon hatches a plan to get out of his marital duties and the key to its success is his father-in-law, Rodney! 

Ross may be involved in something highly illegal at the garage, but it’s Pete who finds himself in trouble with the law. Initially, it’s Ross who the police want to talk to but he manages to throw them off the scent by giving them a false alibi and getting Aaron to back it up. Later, however, Pete’s drug-dealing past comes back to bite him on the behind when the police ask him to come to the station…

Ali’s realised she can’t afford the legal fees to apply for access to Archie so changes tack by promising to support Jai if he lets her see her nephew. Jai’s not sure at first, but soon relents when Megan gives him food for thought.