Jimmy’s emotions are stirred when a business associate mentions that he bumped into Kelly working in a restaurant in Liverpool. Jimmy tries to bury his reawakened feelings for Kelly and later tells Carrie that she and Scarlett mean a lot to him. Jimmy and Carrie kiss and Carrie blurts out that she loves him. But there’s an awkward moment when a flustered Jimmy replies ‘cheers’ instead of declaring his love!

Lexi and Chas plot their revenge against Ross and they tell a surprised Ross that they overreacted and should make friends again. The two girls flirt outrageously with Ross then head upstairs together and invite him to join them. But Ross is left humiliated when they handcuff him to the bed, take a snap, then leave him trapped as they run off!

Ross’s partner Shane is informed that two men posing as police officers were trying to get an on the spot fine out of a driver and he immediately suspects the Dingles. Shane heads over to Wishing Well Cottage to conduct a search, but he’s left frustrated when the Dingles insist they have an alibi.

Also, Andy is disappointed when Ashley tells him he’ll have to postpone the wedding at the church.