Oh, Jimmy! What are you doing waking up next to Gennie?! Are you going to drop your trousers for every woman who flutters their eyelashes at you? Because, if you are, you should avoid eye contact with Pearl when she’s had a sherry or two. And what about Nicola? She turns up to tell Jimmy she does want him back, after all, not knowing Gennie’s in his bed. Jimmy begs Gennie to stay out of sight but she’s not interested in saving his marriage; she just wants to get to work on time. She leaves – and so does Nicola after she sees her. Looks like the divorce is back on…

Like Jimmy, Leyla’s living dangerously – and it’s all part of her bid to keep Jacob in Emmerdale. Alicia’s off to sunny Spain with Andy, to map out a new life there and Leyla’s only supposed to be looking after Jacob while she’s gone. But Leyla’s got bigger plans, which involve hiding Jacob’s phone so he can’t phone Alicia while she’s gone. Naughty!

Everyone at the factory thinks Holly’s been naughty but she hasn’t (for a change). Laurel’s money wasn’t stolen, she just forgot she had given it to Gabby. So, it’s apologies all round and Holly has her job back.

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