Jim’s driven to a desperate act!

Jim’s a desperate man driven to a desperate act. It’s finally the day Steve and Becky plan to up sticks and leave; it’s also the day that Jim needs to come up with the cash to give them, but when Kevin declines his offer to invest in the pub it looks like the game is up. As a triumphant Becky collects Amy from school with Max and heads to the airport Steve waits for Jim to get back from the bank with his money. But despite all his best efforts Jim doesn’t know whether he can come through for Steve and Liz.

When Audrey walks in on Gail and Nick rowing they’re forced to confess to their underhand tactics and Audrey’s aghast to discover Gail’s web of deceit. She’s appalled that Gail felt the need to resort to bribery, but Gail’s unrepentant. Kylie took the money proving that she’s a gold-digger and she was right all along.

When Maria misses the deadline for Frank’s order she’s forced to renegotiate the deal, but a livid Carla returns to a crisis at Underworld.

Also, Anna and Eddie continue to row which provokes a shocking reaction from Faye; Roy’s mother Sylvia arrives on the street.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liz struggles to overcome Jim’s mentality. Steve’s nerves are shredded as he waits in the pub with Liz and his solicitor. Jim fails to show and it’s the police who come calling instead. Liz is shattered as she hears what’s happened to Jim. Steve and Becky are concerned about making their escape but are worried their plan has been rumbled. Tracy’s been to school to pick Amy up, where she was told she left early with Becky, who now worries whether Tracy’s on to them.

Battle lines are drawn between Gail and Kylie when David walks in on Audrey, Gail and Nick rowing about the bribe and he demands to know what’s going on. Gail is forced to come clean.

As Carla attempts to sort out Maria‘s mess she’s forced to take her to task for messing up and undermine her in front of Frank. As the two women row, resentments resurface leaving Carla wondering if the factory is the wrong place for Maria.

Also, Anna and Eddie row about how to deal with Faye’s lies; Roy’s awkward as Sylvia claims not to understand why he didn’t go to her husband’s funeral. Hayley tries to mediate, but it’s clear this is a damaged relationship.

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