The president of Venezuela is being targeted by CIA hitman Annibal Rodriguez, and M15 are told that if they prevent his assassination, the Venezuelans will give them information about an al-Qaeda attack on a British school. Jo is then captured by the Red-backs, a group who torture spies to gain intelligence.

Adam asks Bob Hogan to offer the CIA money for her safe return. Hogan sets up the exchange, but then reveals that he himself is a Red-back, and Adam is captured too. Elsewhere, Ben apprehends Rodriguez, but Hogan says he will give up Jo and Adam – on the condition that Rodriguez is returned.

Aware that the hitman’s return would cause the Venezuelans to withhold the information about the al-Qaeda attack, Harry tells the CIA that Rodriguez is dead but agrees to share the intelligence with them.

Having been raped by the Red-backs, a tortured Jo tells Adam to kill her to end her torment. As the special ops team rush to take out the Red-backs, Adam holds Jo in his arms – are they too late?

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