Jo is gloomy after her run-in with Andy and she’s grateful when Sharon invites her to a day of pampering at Skipdale Hall. But the fun ends on a sour note when she has to fend off Sharon’s fiance Dan’s sleazy advances and she’s happy to return to the village and Andy. Jo is delighted when Andy tells her he wants to marry her after all, but she’s gutted when Sharon turns up and tells her that her bill for the spa is a whopping £400!

Pollard has ended up in the Hotten Courier after his trip down to the police station and he attempts to get his own back on Donna by complaining about noise pollution from the house build. The Dingles decide to ignore him, but when he calls in the police, Donna is forced to tell Marlon that all work must be suspended.

Bob is miserable about Viv’s insistence that he move out of the house. But all is not lost, it seems, for their marriage. Viv approaches Bob and tells him that she’s willing to give him one more chance, but she insists that they go to couples counselling to try and sort out their problems.