Jo is miserable after being sacked from the surgery and she feels even worse at the thought of having to be a stay-at-home carer for baby Sarah. Katie finds Jo’s predicament hilarious and a furious Jo starts a row. Jo is determined to prove how close she is to Andy and she lets slip that Andy told her his big secret. Katie is stunned and confronts Andy, worried that he’s spilled the beans to Jo when Victoria doesn’t even know. Andy realises that Katie is right. He storms off to have it out with a stunned Jo and warns her that a secret means a secret.

Jimmy and Kelly are excited about their marriage news and can’t wait to broadcast it, but they get a less than enthusiastic reception from Matthew and Carl. Kelly is upset that she’s not being showered with congratulations and she heads over to Bob and Viv’s to tell them about her engagement. She’s disappointed when their reaction is just as downbeat and Bob makes a snide remark about her marrying a King. Kelly snaps at Donna that she’s marrying Jimmy and Donna is taken aback but she assures Kelly that she’d like to be her bridesmaid.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is touched when Kelly asks an excited Scarlett to be a bridesmaid. After telling Donna that kids are definitely not on her agenda, Kelly’s worried when Jimmy brings up the subject of starting a family and realises that Jimmy’s plans for the future may differ from hers.

Also, Scarlett makes friends with Daz and asks him to show her round the village; Rodney’s had enough of cleaning other people’s dirty windows!