Jo finds herself attracted to Lee

Jo is pleased as Lee helps her out around the farm and when he strips off a wet T-shirt after fixing a drainpipe, Jo can’t take her eyes off him! Mick warns his grandson to cover up and when his drain comes loose, Mick accuses him of spending too much time flirting.

Anna discovers that De Souza is the major shareholder in Polek Haulage, but she is powerless to save King and Sons. Meanwhile, the Kings have until the end of the day to raise funds or lose the business and Carl urges Matthew to come clean about Donald’s death so Anna can make a decision about whether to help them. Matthew is furious when Anna tells him about Polek, but agrees to keep the news quiet from Carl and Jimmy until after their wedding.

Nicola is left homeless yet again when Edna tells her she needs the space for Lily’s return. Nicola hides her hurt and spitefully tells Edna that she’s better off away from her. Nicola tries to make amends to Laurel by looking after Gabby for the afternoon. Nicola puts further distance between herself and David when she gets jealous after seeing David flirt with Leyla.

Also, Aaron has Gennie wrapped around his little finger.

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