Jo is held hostage

DC Jo Masters wakes to find herself bound and gagged. Her abductor, crime scene photographer Rachel Inns, admits to killing supermodel Cindy Statham – but insists it was an accident. When Jo says that CID will wonder where she is, Rachel tapes up Jo’s mouth and heads for Sun Hill to find out what they know.

Aware that Jo was working late watching the tape that Larry Franks made, DS Stuart Turner and DC Grace Dasari watch it for themselves and realise that Jo was onto something when they hear a mobile phone ringing and a shot of a handbag at the scene. They must work quickly to discover who owns the mobile…

At Sun Hill, Rachel is rattled when the officers reveal that they now know there was a third person at Cindy’s house the night of the murder, and tells Pcs Beth Green and Dan Casper that she needs to go into the back of the property store to photograph some evidence.

DI Neil Manson then learns that the mobile phone belongs to Rachel – and she’s disappeared. Sergeant Nikki Wright then interrupts a briefing with the news that the evidence Rachel was examining – a gun and some bullets – has gone missing. Can Sun Hill save Jo before it’s too late..?