Jo leaves, but will she take Sarah too?

Jo gets a visit from Diane, who asks her to give Andy a break, but Jo refuses to back down. Diane leaves and Jo and Lee set about selling off the farm’s assets. Mick finds Jo in an empty barn and is suspicious so Jo locks him in the barn, but confesses she’s about to flee. Mick pleads with her to leave Sarah for her sake and Jo is torn as she leaves the farm for a new life.

Chas takes a broken Carl for a drink in the Woolpack in an attempt to cheer him up and he begins to open up to her about the shocking events at Matthew’s wedding. Lexi is jealous when she comes in and sees the cosy scene. Lexi tries to talk to her boyfriend, but he brushes her off and she feels sidelined.

Ashley is gutted when he discovers that his last sermon will be on Christmas Day. As the news spreads the villagers are disgusted with the lack of notice, but Ashley puts on a brave face. Surprisingly, Nicola is their most vocal supporter and vows to help save the church to win back the villagers.

Also, Donna asks a rattled Jasmine if she’s heard from Shane.

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