*One hour special*

Katie is outraged by Debbie’s insinuation that Andy is violent and she warns Andy that Jo is spreading rumours about him. Andy is rattled but keeps his cool and denies hitting Jo. Andy furiously confronts Jo and is about to hit her when Jo blurts out that she’s pregnant. Andy calms down instantly and is delighted but when the ‘good news’ gets out Jo seriously worries about her lie.

Anna is forced to order Carl away from Donald when he defies her instructions not to visit him. Matthew sends Carl on a business trip and visits Donald himself, proposing a truce between the two companies. Donald agrees but tells Anna that they will be doing no such thing and he encourages a reluctant Anna to use her feminine charms on Matthew to gain Matthew’s trust.

Donna warns Ross that there will be no repeat of their kiss but Ross accuses Donna of hiding her feelings for him. Donna is flustered and tells Marlon that she won’t be going back to her job and Marlon smugly passes the news onto Ross. Ross accuses Donna of quitting her career over her feelings for him.

Also, Jasmine is desperate for another scoop for the Courier.