Jo continues to struggle to be accepted as Andy’s partner when she’s left out in the cold at Sarah’s mums and toddlers group after being labelled a homewrecker. Andy realises it’s time to make things final with Katie and tells her he wants a divorce. Katie is unhappy that the divorce was Jo’s idea and confronts her in the Woolpack, where a beleaguered Jo announces she and Andy are engaged. A shocked Andy tells Jo that he won’t be bullied into marrying her.

Donna’s duties as a police officer make her a dangerous enemy when she nicks Pollard for speeding and using his mobile while driving. Pollard tries to buy off a shocked Donna so she hauls him down the police station. A furious Pollard vows to take revenge.

Viv and Bob are unsure about where they stand with each other and Eddie’s continuing presence isn’t helping the situation. Bob tells Eddie that he wants him to leave him and Viv alone and a sad Eddie leaves the village. Viv tells Bob to move in with Jamie for the time being to give her space to think, but Bob vows to Jamie that he’ll win her back.