Joanie slaps Belle!

*First episode*

Lisa and Belle are thrown when Joanie produces her engagement ring, proudly telling Zak she’s found it. But Lisa knows Joanie is lying as she and Belle took the original ring! Zak then confronts Joanie, who then confronts Belle and slaps her!

Later, fed up with all the drama, Belle turns to Dr Bailey wanting to forget about all the family strife between her split-up parents. Her married man/older lover is only too happy to go to the factory with Belle, where she’s lit candles to create a romantic atmosphere in the office! As things start to get steamy, Lisa arrives with Rakesh having left her handbag at work…

Andy’s in pieces. He reckons he’s never going to see his kids again. Wanting to help her new boyfriend, Chrissie takes it upon herself to appeal to Cain to give Andy the information he needs.

David’s upset as he says goodbye to Jacob, who’s going to visit Alicia. Can Tracy cheer him up?