Steve tells Bridget she has their full support and they invite Joanna round for lunch. When Miranda sees the rapport between the two she feels she’s about to lose her daughter. Joanna reveals that she has two little girls, but didn’t want to say anything to Bridget because she thought it might upset her. When Bridget asks why she didn’t come back for her and Riley when she had got her life together, she avoids the truth about Miranda paying her off.

When lunch is over, Miranda puts her foot down and tells Bridget she doesn’t want her seeing Joanna anymore and Bridget wonders why she’s so against her real mum, until Miranda finally admits the truth.

At Harold’s Cafe, Joanna turns up to find an angry Bridget and tries to make peace with her regarding her decision to take the money. Then she tells Bridget she was just like her, too young, too scared and just not ready, which puts doubts in Bridget’s mind about her own ability to raise a child.

Also, Rachel takes Zeke back to Phil’s place in the hope he may lay his ghosts to rest. Zeke freaks out from all the memories and is forced to choose between the life he knows and the real life he barely remembers.

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