Joanne turns up at Louis’s door and he reluctantly tells her he’ll meet her at The Folly – he covers by lying to his family that the letters have been coming from an old school friend as a joke. When they meet later, Joanne tells Louis her husband has left her with huge debts and she needs five grand. Meanwhile, Theresa feels guilty that she’s hiding Lisa’s secret from Zack and urges Lisa to come clean. Louis gives Joanne £200 but it’s not enough, so Joanne threatens to tell Simone about their affair. Later, Simone gets a mystery phone call. Lisa also prepares to tell her family the truth about her own secret until Simone interrupts – she’s pregnant!

Tegan returns and Ziggy green with envy when she talks about a lad she met in Tenerife – the boy doesn’t really exist but Tegan enjoys making Ziggy jealous. Ziggy spies on Tegan when she goes to meet Seth, who she actually met on a dating app. Ziggy chases Seth away and, realising he’s upset Tegan, Ziggy follows her into the hospital lift. He tells her he wants them to be together and, as they’re about to kiss, the lift doors ping open to reveal Leela – has she seen their intimate moment?

Also, Alfie’s in a hospital bed having tests, adamant his cancer is back. As Neeta finds out Alfie wants her to adopt him, Nathan continues to push Mac to tell Alfie the truth about Cindy.

And Esther misreads the signs when Grace calls her for help after she hurts her back.