Zack’s red-faced about his night of passion and wants to make up with Theresa. It seems she’s having none of it, however, and threatens to tell the whole village about Zack’s latest conquest. Joanne comes clean to Louis to get the sympathy vote and Lisa’s disgusted when she finds out. Lisa bonds with Theresa, who realises Lisa’s in love with Zack. Simone returns home apologetic, while Joanne tries to seduce Louis again and asks him to meet her at a hotel. Later, Joanne makes one last attempt for Louis and jumps in front of his car to stop him driving away – but he doesn’t brake in time and hits her!

Ellie asks Mac if Marnie can stay at The Dog in their spare room. When Mac rejects the idea, Marnie manipulates Neeta – determined to break up her and Mac. Marnie and James make themselves comfortable in The Hutch and ask Diane if they can buy the restaurant. Diane and Tony are not selling, but Marnie refuses to take no for an answer. Marnie sets off the fire alarm giving James the chance to swipe Diane’s laptop containing the business’ accounts, but Tony unknowingly stops him when he has to evacuate the restaurant.

Also, Reenie rings Cleo to ask why Pete’s changed his statement. Reenie’s suspicious that Pete’s been back in touch but Cleo’s giving nothing away. Later, Cleo sends Pete a thank you text and smiles… looks like she’s back in trouble.