Louis tells Zack he won’t be speaking to Joanne as he wants to keep the peace with Simone, so Zack steals his dad’s phone. Zack texts Joanne to meet him at The Bean and plots for Sonia to mug Joanne as she turns up. Louis arrives and chases down the hooded assailant, before unmasking Sonia! Louis smuggles a shaken-up Joanne into Cindy’s flat. As Joanne leaves the room to ‘freshen up’, Louis goes through her handbag – but she catches him in the act!

Meanwhile, Sonia’s stolen Joanne’s laptop and she and Zack are astounded by what they discover…

Harry’s disgusted with himself after his night with James. Harry returns to The Shack to find Leela and Ste packing their belongings and he feels wretched when Ste reveals they can move back to the Lomaxes and that he’s got a job with Leela. Ste’s looking for his medication when he finds the pile of cash among Harry’s things. Harry lies that he got it from his mum and Ste tells him to give it back, much to Harry’s horror. Later, James is surprised when Harry gives his money back… but he isn’t giving up on getting his man.

Meanwhile, Marnie’s fuming that her plan for The Hutch hasn’t worked. As Scott prepares to tell Tony about last night, he overhears Marnie and James talking and realises he’s been set up. Scott confides in John Paul, who decides they have to stand up to James and Marnie. Later, Scott and John Paul get cosy at the McQueens… and they kiss!

Also, Esther’s touched that Frankie’s trying to help her find love again after Kim. Frankie sets Esther up on a dating app but, when Esther’s date arrives at The Bean, Frankie unintentionally scares her off with tales of Esther’s past.