Jodie helps Anthony with a cat that stowed away in the van. Jodie and Anthony bond over the cat and nearly kiss, but the cat runs off and the moment is lost. Jodie, Anthony and Poppy search for the cat. Later, Jodie and Anthony bump into each other and kiss. Jodie feels guilty as Poppy has another date with Anthony.

Yusef tries to explain his way out of faking the DNA test. Zainab’s not having any of it and tells him she hates him. Syed tells Christian about Yusef’s lie. Christian joins forces with Amira to confront Yusef. Christian invites Amira to live with him and Syed. Meanwhile, Yusef tells Zainab that it’s her fault for the way he is because she left him all those years ago and Zainab is affected by his words…

Phil returns to the Square. Ben’s annoyed when Phil barely acknowledges him and later hints he should date Lola. Roxy’s off on a night out. Ben offers to watch Amy for Roxy until Jack turns up to take her. Jay comes over and Ben and Jay leave Amy alone and they later find her face down in the bath and call for an ambulance! A horrified Jack arrives to find Yusef giving Amy CPR.