Joe and Freddie come to blows

Trevor demands £100,000 from Dr. Browning for the hit on Myra. So Dr Browning begins to set his illicit plans in place and asks Ste to sell drugs in the club to make them both some money. Despite worrying whether Mercedes will uncover their scam he gets a stash from Trevor.

Freddie is relieved when he gets to the garage and it’s still standing. Joe hasn’t given up though and plans to put the last of his cash on a horse. His horse doesn’t come in and in a fit of anger Joe starts throwing petrol around the garage. Freddie tries to stop his brother but they end up in a heated fight.

Nancy is forced to ask Sienna to come back to the pub, but Sienna is annoyed that Nancy didn’t support her during her problems with Anna. They make up and Sienna returns to work at The Dog. The Osbornes are confused when Nancy’s behaviour turns erratic after supposedly one glass of champagne.

John Paul is less than enthusiastic when Patrick asks him to put on a drama revue at the college, until he meets his helper – supply teacher, Danny.