Joe turns up at the McQueen’s to return more of Lindsey’s belongings. He hears Lindsey yell and runs upstairs to find her on the bedroom floor with a twisted ankle – could his ‘Knight in shining armour’ act bring them back together?

Jason spreads lies about Dodger having a school girl tied up and when Dodger decides to call the police, Holly reveals that he didn’t take advantage of her. Jason breaks up with her and a furious Dirk makes Cindy choose between him and Holly.

Grace has tricked Mercedes into meeting her at a warehouse and attacks her. Meanwhile, Freddie sets off Grace’s car alarm and when she goes to check it out, he rushes inside to save Mercy. Later, Mercedes returns to the club in a bid to seal her friendship with Grace. Grace suggests Mercedes be her alibi to get her off her attempted murder charge and Mercedes agrees.

Also, Lindsey is shocked when she walks in on Mercedes and Freddie kissing. She goes to see Joe and he tells her that if there are no more secrets they can give it another go – Lindsey doesn’t tell him she slept with Freddie and they kiss.