David tries to calm down Tina, who is jittery about the court case. Meanwhile, Gary realises that Len’s strong-arm tactics has just made things worse and he realises that Tina intends to go ahead with her testimony despite Len’s attempts to persuade her otherwise. But Len has one more trick up his sleeve and when Joe gets a call about a developer wanting him to fit a load of new kitchens he doesn’t smell a rat until it is too late.

Luke has already got his feet under the table at Underworld and Tony is unnerved by his apparent good relationship with the factory staff. When Luke says that he also has to have a chat with Maria, Tony feels even more uneasy, and Luke reveals that he is also looking after Carla’s share of Lad Rags.

Deirdre is pleased when Blanche tells her that Pam sold Ken a bottle of upmarket wine and she thinks that he’s planning a special night for them. Deirdre decides to set the right romantic mood by making Ken’s favourite meal, not realising that he has bought the wine for an evening with Martha.

Also, Liz finds it difficult to accept that Becky is now part of Steve’s life.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Joe is wary when Len offers him a deal and tells him that if Joe gets Tina to tell the truth in court then Joe will get a contract to fit the kitchens for a warehouse development Len’s involved with. Joe knows he needs the work and when he later talks to Tina about the fight she admits that she bent the truth in her statement and that David started the fight.

Deirdre prepares Ken’s favourite meal of Mousakka, unaware that he is halfway across town sharing the bottle of wine with Martha. When Martha asks Ken to accompany her to see her in her play, Ken jumps at the chance. After the play, Ken turns his mobile on and realises that Deirdre has been trying to contact him. Ken feels guilty when he gets home to discover a disappointed Deirdre with the burnt remains of the meal.

Becky’s attempts to ingratiate herself with Amy are winding up Liz. Becky offers to collect Amy from school and is taken aback when Liz says she should be picked up by someone who knows her.

Also, Gary buys Anna a box of chocs to cheer her up, but she can’t shift her worry that he will be sent down in court.