Joe is arrested for Trent’s murder!

At her hen do, Lindsey finds out about Cindy’s lie to Dirk and just as the mother-to-be is telling Dirk the truth, Mercedes returns. Sam is sure Trevor is behind the village’s latest murder. She goes to The Dog with Danny and arrives just in time to hear Mercedes and Cindy arguing about the baby… Sam gets some information from the station and calls for back-up. Everyone is shocked when Joe is arrested for Trent’s murder. Joe is bewildered how his DNA got on Trent’s body, while Freddie decides he’s going to confess to save his brother. Joe is elated when he’s released, but as he leaves the station he sees Freddie being taken in. 

Darren surprises Nancy by saying he wants her back but, right on cue, Sienna appears. She bursts into Nancy’s flat and starts throwing her belongings around. Darren placates his girlfriend but makes sure Nancy knows that what he said about them being together still stands.

Jason is made-up when Holly agrees to be his date to Joe and Lindsey’s wedding and Ziggy and Robbie urge him to ask Holly for a saucy photo of herself. It’s clear Holly isn’t comfortable with the idea but eventually gives in. However, Robbie has big plans when he gets his hands on a picture of Holly’s cleavage.