Joe is on the edge

Bill and Jason arrive at the yard to discover that the copper pipe has been nicked. Aware of Joe’s money problems Jason immediately wonders if he was responsible for the theft. Gail meanwhile is worried as Joe has not been home since their row. Tina finds him at his lock-up and tells him to sort himself out. Joe heads back for work where he finds out about the burglary and when Gary suggests he might be the thief Joe pins him against the wall and has to be pulled away by a shocked Bill and Jason.

Eddie is convinced that Gary and Len had something to do with the robbery and he urges Gary to do something with his life rather than following a life of crime. Gary wastes no time in pointing out that he hasn’t had the best of role models in his dad. But Eddie still covers for his son when David arrives and accuses him of stealing.

Maria starts back at work at the salon and finds out from Emily about Jed’s sudden disappearance. Maria is immediately suspicious and can’t help wondering if Tony is behind it.

Also, a concerned Chesney tries to set Fiz up on a date with Graeme.

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