Joe suspects Jack is Sandy’s secret lover

Joe is suspicious that his mum has a new boyfriend when he hears numerous whispered phone-calls and decides to follow her. The lads come to the conclusion that she must be seeing Jack…

Just as Will is about to push Ash, she guiltily tells him about visiting his mum. Relieved he doesn’t have to kill her Will sits back in his chair. Ash tells Anna she can’t visit anymore because she’s dating Will, which panics Anna, knowing what he did to his last girlfriend. She warns Ash away from her son and intrigued to know why, Ash agrees to secretly continue meeting with Anna.

Meanwhile, DS Trent is on Sinead’s back about getting evidence on Ste. She overhears her roommate on the phone to Trevor and follows him to their meeting. Back at the council flat, Ruby is babysitting Katy and is horrified when Sinead’s new client turns up. She’s left feeling gobsmacked by her friend’s actions.

Also, Tony is faced with a moral dilemma when Ste’s mum Pauline, goes back in hospital after spraining her ankle. She’s desperate to go home and tells Lindsey she has someone to take care of her – Tony.