Joel kisses Cleo!

Vulnerable Joel finds comfort in Ms McQueen in Hollyoaks

Joel returns and tells Warren and Sienna that he’s been at a church retreat, but he’s hiding something. Cleo’s concerned when Joel freaks out after thinking he’s seen Bart. As she tracks him down at the church, Joel tells Cleo that he only feels good when he’s with her and leans in to kiss her.

Elsewhere, Grace instructs Goldie to plant fake notes in The Loft. Sienna keeps an eye on Goldie when Warren goes to meet a supplier, but she misses Goldie slipping the dodgy cash in the till. As Sienna’s practising for motherhood with dolls and gushes about finally having a secure family to bring up her babies, Goldie’s left feeling guilty.

Also, Leela and Tegan make a discovery, and Holly goes on the defensive.