Joe’s dealt another body blow

Joe thinks it’s time the family put their problems with the Windasses behind them and plans a family dinner to celebrate Tina’s birthday. Things seem to be looking up for Joe when he finds a buyer for all his stock. Len has found out about the sale and sends someone down to Joe’s lock-up and Joe is devastated to discover that his entire stock has been smashed up. David is convinced the Windasses are behind it and Tina starts to wonder if she should withdraw her witness statement.

Becky wants to make things better between her and Michelle and she fronts up to her and says that she doesn’t want any hard feelings. Michelle is having none of it though and makes it clear to Becky what she thinks of her and tells her that she has all the class of a town centre toilet!

Fiz takes the factory workers to one side and confides in them about Tony ordering Julie to choose one of them for him to sack. Julie suddenly finds herself very popular as the factory girls start to crawl to her in a bid to secure their jobs.

Also, Ken gets back from Portsmouth and heads straight round to see Martha.

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