Joey cons Derek again

Joey offers to help out Lucy when she reveals that a bailiff is hassling her over Ian’s debts. When Joey tries to tap Derek for money, Derek suggests a drinking competition. A few hours later, a still sober Joey takes drunk Derek’s cash after tricking him. When Joey hands the money to Lucy she suggests he move in. They’re interrupted by a fuming Derek, warning Joey he’ll pay for what he’s done.

Whitney is surprised when Janine looks miserable after revealing that Scarlett will be allowed home next week. Janine confesses that she doesn’t feel confident about looking after Scarlett alone. When Whitney tells Michael that Janine needs his support, Michael sourly points out Janine doesn’t trust him. After telling Alfie that Scarlett is due home, Alfie convinces Michael to get involved with his daughter or risk damaging their relationship for the future.

Tanya learns from Kim that Cora kissed Patrick and she invites them both for dinner. When Tanya brings up the situation at dinner, Cora is defensive and insists their ‘relationship’ is just a scam. Patrick is disappointed. Cora tells Tanya to stay out of her business when Tanya reassures her that her dad would have wanted her to be happy.

Also, Lola names her baby Lexi Billie.