Joey cons Derek to help out Lucy

Joey considers laying off Derek when Alice asks Joey to make an effort for her sake. When Lucy breaks down and reveals that Derek, Max and Phil are intimidating her, Joey realises that Derek hasn’t changed. Determined to make his dad pay, he meets with Derek and Alice for a drink. Derek gives Joey money when he says he’s skint. Joey hands the money straight to Lucy, infuriating Derek.

Meanwhile Jay tells Lola she should own up to Max to stop Lucy taking the blame. Jay takes the blame himself when Lola refuses, but Max soon works out he’s protecting Lola. Jay begs Max not to call the police, worried that she’ll end up in prison.

Lucy is about to pay Max for the damage with the money from Joey when Jay says the money isn’t needed any more. Lucy quickly works out that Lola was to blame for the sabotage. Lola and Billy are stunned when a police officer wants to question Lola on vandalism charges. Lucy watches on from across the Square.

Also, the Butchers gather for the baby’s christening and Janine decides to call her Patricia, while Michael promises Kat he’ll pay back their money as he’s changed his ways.