Joey demands the truth from Janine

Determined to get the truth out of Janine, Joey corners her in the Vic, demanding she reveal what happened the night Michael died. David drags Joey outside, accusing him of behaving like his bully of a dad. Curious when Joey reveals that Michael tried to kill Janine with sleeping pills, David brings it up with Janine. When she overreacts David realises Joey was telling the truth and comes up with a plan…

Dexter calls Cora’s bluff when she threatens to throw him out over his recent bad behaviour, insisting he’ll move out of his own accord. Fed up with the drama, Cora insists that Ava tell Dexter where his father is. Finding Sam’s address, Dexter visits and is gutted when Sam admits he only tracked him down for a kidney. When Sam tries to reach out to his son, Dexter punches him and storms out.

Sadie tells Jake she’s taking him out for an anniversary meal, putting Lauren on the spot by asking her to babysit. Although agreeing, when she’s left alone with Bella and surrounded by Jake’s life with Sadie, Lauren gets freaked out. Sadie is put out when Lauren rings at the last minute to say she can’t babysit after all.