Joey’s getting to Lauren

Lucy, Lauren and Whitney team up to teach Joey a lesson. Lucy lures Joey to the playground then handcuffs him to a bar! Lucy and Whitney visit Joey a bit later but when it’s clear he’s still not sorry for his cheating ways, they leave him. Lauren feels bad for Joey and takes off the cuffs. As they share a moment, Joey claims Lauren is jealous that he kissed Whitney and not her. A flustered Lauren storms off.

Phil admits to a relieved Lola that he didn’t tell Ben about Lexi. When solicitor Jimmie tells Phil they need to find another way to prove Phil has a good support network Phil bullies Ian into agreeing to help. Worried about Ian’s fragile state Sharon talks Ian out of it. A fuming Phil orders Jimmie to put Sharon’s name down on the residency application – as his fiancee!

Derek is delighted that Max has asked him to be his best man. Jack’s confused when Derek starts bragging about it and an awkward Max admits he’s got things confused – Jack is his best man. Secretly devastated, Derek makes out he’s not bothered. Later, Derek finds a handwritten letter for Carol in the post from David Wicks.