John and Hugo risk their lives

Everyone on the bus realises the seriousness of their situation. Kirsty tries to keep everyone calm. Nobody has any idea how to prevent the bus from blowing up.

Hugo and Martha are driving to the farm when they spot the bus. They soon realise something bad has happened. With John’s help, Hugo and Martha disable the bomb. Hugo and John then realise that the timer has started up again! Hugo grabs the bomb and tosses it into the bush. It explodes, clear of the bus, but Hugo and John are thrown to the ground and sprayed with shrapnel.

Charlie finds Trey, who is faking being unconscious to buy himself some time. She takes him to hospital. Trey’s mum arrives and Trey confesses all, and begs her to help him escape.

Hugo and John are found by the police, alive but unconscious and badly injured. They take Hugo and John to hospital and then start their search for Trey.

Jai’s poisoned arm starts to improve with antibiotics, much to Annie and Miles’s relief. But just as everyone’s smiling again, news of the terror ride in the bus filters through, and everyone’s concern turns to loved ones whose lives are in danger.

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