John and Marilyn say ‘I do’

John and Marilyn say their wedding vows and their guests join them at the Surf Club for the reception. Meanwhile, Maddy steals a bottle of champagne and convinces Oscar to leave the ceremony with her. Jett gives an emotional speech where he asks Marilyn and John to adopt him. A shocked Roo finds Maddy drunk and Alf tells Spencer his time for love will come when he spots him looking glum at the wedding.

Brax is being held in a cell after trying to attack Jake Pirovic in hospital. Ricky visits Brax in prison urging him to walk away from the feud. By the time the visit is over its clear that Brax is determined to kill Jake and she relays her fears to Kyle. He urges her to tell Brax about the baby, but she refuses.

Andy overhears that Ricky is pregnant and still feeling responsible for Casey’s death he goes to the hospital and when Jake’s bed is left unattended he switches off his life support machine. When the police finally release Brax, Ricky tells him he is going to be a father.