John and Marilyn struggle with domestic bliss

John and Marilyn are still deciding which house they will live in after they tie the knot. It’s John’s turn to live with Marilyn and Alf, and things go from bad to worse, as John’s presence causes tension in the house and then he snaps at Marilyn over breakfast. Much to the couple’s shock, Alf insists they are doing really well.

Josh tells Evelyn that he’s fed up of girlfriend Maddy always acting like the victim. In true Maddy fashion, she tells Evelyn that the reason she failed was because she spent too much time helping Josh pass. Maddy eventually goes to smooth things over with Josh, but refuses to accept responsibility for failing her exams. Realising things are not over between them, Evelyn encourages Maddy to give Josh another chance, but is left hurt when she watches the pair kiss on the pier.

Denny pays Casey a visit and he promptly tells her their kiss was a mistake. Meanwhile, Chris is at home planning a romantic dinner for him and Denny, hoping they can rekindle their flame. Denny says she can’t come and instead, goes out with Evelyn, dressed up to the nines and bumps into Casey.

The next day, Spencer tells Denny about the effort Chris went to for her. Denny finally admits she has feelings for Casey, resulting in her getting dumped… and Casey getting punched!