Back inside the prison chapel emotions run high as Fiz and John discuss their love for each other with Chesney. They want to persuade him that they are in it for the long haul and it won’t end like one of Cilla’s relationships. But it is up to Chesney as to whether he finally gives them their blessing and allow the wedding to go ahead. Fiz won’t go through with it without him and as she fights back the tears she knows her wedding should be a happier day then this.

When Rosie arrives at the factory Luke tells her she’s fired, she’s embarrassed Michelle and made him look like a fool. But Rosie refuses to go without a fight and threatens to take him to a tribunal revealing how he seduced her and then took her money.

Darryl tells Teresa how Dev bribed him to finish with Amber and that he now regrets taking the money. Still unaware Amber’s desperate for him to reconsider his move to Spain but when Teresa tells her he’s doing it because her dad paid him, Amber can’t believe it.

Also, Tyrone sets about decorating the spare room at No 9. But he and Molly clearly have very different views on what it should be used for.

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