John breaks up with Rosie

John moves into Fiz’s flat and gets a text from Rosie, who is excited that they’ll be living just across the road from each other. John meets up with Rosie and she’s stunned when he tells her that he can’t see her any more as he loves Fiz and it would compromise his job. Rosie is secretly fuming, but she acts nonchalantly.

Jodie is fuming when she learns that her dad has been interfering in her life yet again by confronting Lloyd about why he split up with her. It’s the last straw and Jodie tells Jerry that she’s had enough of being his skivvy and she’s moving to London to stay with a friend that afternoon! Jerry begs her to stay but Jodie has made up her mind.

Sean and Marcus get back from a family Christening and Sean has been welcomed by Marcus’s family. Marcus worries when Sean seems preoccupied and he questions him about how he feels about Violet cutting him out of the baby’s life. Sean assures Marcus that he’s fine with it, but Marcus is not so sure.

Also, Steve and Michelle leave the house in a tip in a bid to drive Liz and Vernon out; Carla agrees to consider Tony’s business proposition.