John can’t resist Rosie

John feels guilty after his kiss with Rosie and he tells her that they need to talk. Rosie suggests they meet up in Carla’s empty flat as she has the keys while Carla is away. When John sees Rosie it’s clear that he’s very attracted to her. Rosie seductively offers to show him the bedroom and a weak-willed John can’t resist.

Hayley is determined to look to the future with Roy, but Roy still feels guilty about his part in causing the rift between Hayley and Christian. Roy visits Christian at work, but he’s stunned when he learns that Christian left Manchester after he was beaten up by a woman. Hayley is devastated and when Becky admits that she had something to do Christian’s departure she becomes even more determined to enlist on a volunteer project overseas.

Jodie is furious with Jerry when she has to work all hours in the kebab shop and she’s constantly tied up with looking after the kids. Lloyd, however, is suspicious of Jodie’s hectic schedule and he suspects that Jodie is making up excuses not to go out with him.

Also, a brooding David spends more and more time alone in his car; Doreen can’t decide between Ivor and George.