John and Gina witness Jamie asking Colleen questions about where Leah could be and John gets suspicious. Jett has lost his phone and John suspects Jamie has taken it. John breaks in to Jamie’s car and finds Jett’s phone. Jamie’s been using it to send texts to VJ. Jamie finds him there and confronts him but John turns on him. Heath arrives in time to break things up and warns John to back off. He wants the police called but there’s no evidence – Jamie’s deleted the texts.

Adam blackmails Liam into doing another job for him – hiring a boat for Jamie. Meanwhile, Jamie asks Heath out on a fishing trip, which is all part of Adam’s plan to get Heath out on the water. But why?

And Brax asks Natalie to ask a friend at the jail to look out for Casey and she soon comes back with good news. He’s coping well. Brax is doing well, too, as Natalie seems to be interested in start their relationship up again.