John collapses

Xavier is attempting to simultaneously study and care for John. When John learns a severe storm is approaching, he instructs Xavier to close the beach. When John later gets up from a nap, he collapses on the floor in pain.

Leah is suspicious when April offers to help at the diner. Is April hiding something? When Irene returns and Leah pesters her for answers, Irene finally reveals her diagnosis. Leah advises her to talk to Marilyn about her experience with breast cancer.

Sid tries to break the ice with Sasha with a family DVD night. When he goes outside to prepare the property for the storm, Sasha gets a phone call and sneaks off. Ignoring the impending storm, Sasha goes in search of her half-brother Felix, who has run away from home. When she learns Felix is being bullied by his half-brothers, Sasha promises to get a job and a house, so they can be reunited.

Romeo confesses to Indi that he and Alf sunk the mooring platform. He’s then offered the chance of a lifetime when Roo arranges for him to take some investors out to look at the Resort site. But due to the storm, Alf forbids Romeo from using the boat.