John’s becoming desperate and checks into the B&B that Colin stayed in. Calling Charlotte he outlines his plan to remove all of Colin’s things and make it look like he’s done a bunk and disappeared. With a sense of dread a teary Charlotte helps to burn all remnants of Colin’s life in the woods. A relieved John now thinks they can get back to some form of normality, but Charlotte’s feeling anything but normal and tells John that she wants him to stay with her tonight. As Fiz waits for him at home John knows he doesn’t have any other choice.

Lloyd is becoming increasingly angry with Chris, knowing that his presence on the street is upsetting Cheryl. He takes drastic action and tells Owen to sack the wife beater. But Owen stands by Chris and when Lloyd tells Cheryl what happened he’s forced to apologise for interfering.

Audrey and Lewis are back from Greece. They’ve fallen in love with a property and are planning to leave next week. But when Audrey reveals she’s taken a loan out against her house for 100,000 pounds, Gail’s suspicious.

Also, Sophie and Sian head to the music festival; Chesney buys a van, hoping to expand his business.

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