Can John find closure?

John confronts the past

John tells Marilyn about Bede’s visit and the suitcase of items she left him, but he doesn’t tell her about the letter he found from his dad. John hopes the suitcase of mementos will help jog his memory. He heads off to the Surf Club to read his father’s letter in peace but spills a cup of coffee over the letter. Marilyn comes into the Surf Club office and sees John trying to dry it. He explains the letter is from his father and Marilyn offers to read the letter aloud for John. Will John finally know why his father took his own life?

Meanwhile, Justin’s thrilled that Ava is coming to stay with him for a few days, but Mason says it may not be the best idea with Brody still on the road to recovery with his drug addiction. So Justin decides to move into the Caravan Park for a few days while Ava stays with him in Summer Bay. As Justin and Ava end up sharing a caravan next to Scarlett, Ava seems to be taken with Scarlett and the three of them head out for dinner. Scarlett’s having a brilliant time, but she suddenly makes her excuses and leaves. When she gets home she listens to a voicemail from a child asking his mummy to come home. What’s Scarlett hiding?