Marilyn is discharged from hospital and, although Irene thinks it’s a bad idea, the doctors say that keeping her sheltered won’t improve her condition. John rushes to take her home, but Marilyn declines the offer, as she doesn’t remember him.

Later, Marilyn struggles to cope with the reality of her situation when she finds out that Chloe died in a car crash. Meanwhile, Chris is concerned for John and tells Irene, but Marilyn overhears their conversation. Later, John visits Marilyn and she decides to lie that she recognises him.

Evelyn meets Tank at Jump Rock as a surprise, but it’s clear she’s uncomfortable. Tank asks her what scares her most and she talks about the death of her parents. As they have a heart to heart, things get passionate and they end up sleeping together.

Charlotte escapes being caught by Chris and gets away from the Farm House with Denny’s notebook. She frantically searches for the password and finally finds it. Later, Charlotte goes to The Diner and has a vision of Denny…