John apologises for his reaction to Marilyn’s burns. Marilyn understands his reaction and acknowledges it must be difficult for him and decides to re-admit herself into hospital. John feels like a failure and begs Marilyn to let him look after her. Will he be able to change her mind?

Meanwhile, Justin’s recovering in hospital and feels much better when Phoebe arrives. Trying to be the dutiful girlfriend, Phoebe offers to go to the Morgan house and pick up some essentials for Justin. When she arrives, she’s stunned to see how much effort Justin put into decorating the backyard for their romantic date. She’s also left stunned when she finds the small jewellery box. Is an engagement ring inside?

Also, Leah does everything she can to support VJ and Billie with the baby – but how long will Leah’s support last now she knows she’s no longer Luc’s real grandmother?