John is desperate to try and make it up with Fiz but she is still furious about his plans for them to move away and refuses to speak to him. Later when John goes to collect Rosie from town in his cab he sees her flirting with a lad and is reminded of why things went wrong for him and Fiz. When Rosie refuses to get in his cab he sees red and bundles her into the cab and locks the doors…

Janice sneaks off from work to check the factory syndicate lottery tickets at the bookies and is stunned to discover that they have won over £24,000. When Janice gets back to work she is furious to discover that no one covered for her with Carla and decides to keep news of the windfall to herself.

Liam is at a loose end now that Tom is away in New York. When Maria tells him she is going out for the evening with Natasha he can’t resist ringing Carla and asks her to meet him to discuss the business, although it’s obviously an excuse to see her.

Also, Vernon is excited when he gets an offer from a record producer on one of his songs.

*Second episode 8;30pm*

Rosie is terrified as John drives like a madman through the streets of Weatherfield and she is convinced that John is going to kill her. John rants that he has lost everything he cares about and it’s all because of her. John finally parks up in the street after scaring the living daylights out of Rosie, who runs home to tell Sally and Kevin. A horrified Sally confronts John but John calmly claims that Rosie abused him and refused to pay her fare. Sally chooses to believe John over her daughter.

Leanne wonders why Janice is not celebrating the lottery win with the other girls and Janice tells her she is going to make them wait until they start being nice to her. Leanne convinces Janice that they should keep the win quiet and split the money between themselves.

Liam meets up with Carla at the factory and it becomes increasingly evident to her that he still wants her. Carla tells him that she will always be there for him if he gets stir crazy and Liam struggles with his feelings.

Also, Vernon finds Liz in a clinch with Harry; Tyrone gets back from a medical trial with £500 – and spots!