Paige discovers John is a fan of the Geelong Cats and suggests that a trip to Geelong might be the key to unlocking his memory. It seems like a great plan until John is startled by Tyler at the yard and reacts violently, which reminds everyone that they know nothing about him.

When Xanthe starts a punishing exercise routine, Aaron and Nate decide to boost her self-esteem and prove her trolls wrong. As well as boosting Xanthe’s confidence, it gives Nate the idea that Aaron should manage Xanthe’s social media. Xanthe, Nate and Aaron are on an unstoppable train which leaves Sheila alone in her concern for her granddaughter.

The fallout of Piper’s illegal tattoo forces Ned, Brad and Terese to having a truly honest conversation where some shocking admissions lead to some real family bonding. But Ned’s happiness is short-lived when Piper reveals she will be doing a vlog timeline of the explosion. Ned fears what Piper will uncover when she asks him to detail his precise movements on the fateful day.