John tells Charlotte that Colin’s mother has been sniffing round looking for him. She gets up, breaks down and clings to him desperately. When she eventually falls asleep he is stunned to discover Chesney’s keys, and the nightmare realisation dawns.

Desperate to stop Molly from wrecking his marriage, Kevin turns to Aunty Pam and asks her to talk some sense into Molly. But as Pam gently tries to talk Molly round she’s furious, telling Pam that there is no way she can continue living in a loveless marriage. She doesn’t want to hurt Tyrone, but has no other choice.

Michelle is suspicious of Carla‘s behaviour and decides to check her mobile phone. Discovering she has been ringing Peter Barlow, Michelle can only think to confide in Ciaran. In turn Ciaran tackles his best mate and demands some answers about his ‘affair’

Also, Gary arrives home from hospital to a hero’s welcome – but he’s not the man he used to be; David gets his diagnosis from the hospital.

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