John makes Rosie a shock offer

Rosie receives a visiting order through the post from John and on the day of the visit Rosie feigns illness to stay off work. Rosie puts on her sexiest get up and secretly sets off to the prison to see what John could possibly want.

Meanwhile, Fiz is determined to see John whether he wants her to or not. Kirk tries to talk her out of it, but when she stands her ground he offers to go with her. Fiz is told she can’t see John without a visiting order, but the prison officer takes pity on her after hearing her story and agrees to talk to John for her.

David feels utterly alone when Gail makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him, Tina sends him packing and Audrey tells him that the only reason he’s still got his job at the salon is because she doesn’t want to add to Gail’s problems. David is surprised when Ted says he’s forgiven David, and assures him that Gail will too, in time.

Also, Audrey and Natasha are shocked to discover that Tony is staying with Maria until the baby is born; Ramsay is the Kabin’s new paperboy.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Rosie swans in to see John and she’s gobsmacked when he offers her the money from the sale of his gran’s house to make amends and it amounts to 150,000 pounds! John wants Rosie to do something worthwhile with the money, but he realises it will be spent on holidays and designer handbags. Fiz is devastated when Rosie tells her that she’s seen John.

Chesney opens up to Kevin about the problems he’s having with Fiz and Kevin encourages Chesney to see things from Fiz’s point of view. Chesney returns home and when Fiz offers to watch TV with him it seems that Kevin’s words have hit home and he starts to soften towards her.

Kevin watches from a distance when Molly and Jason return from the gym and wonders if there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye. Kevin corners Jason in the Rovers and accuses him of sleeping with Molly. Jason is appalled and insists he’d never sleep with a mate’s wife and Kevin realises he’s made a fool of himself.

Also, David is furious when he arrives home to find Gary in the house apologising to Ted; Norris is put out when Emily goes for a drink with Ramsay.

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