John and Marilyn get some heartbreaking news

Will John and Marilyn be able to bounce back?

John and Marilyn are left heartbroken when they find out their adoption application has been rejected. John repeatedly apologises to Marilyn, believing his criminal record is the reason for their rejection. Marilyn assures him that it doesn’t matter, but it’s clear that Marilyn is devastated. Later, John makes a surprising suggestion to Marilyn – but what will she say?

Meanwhile, Hunter and Wally take in the news that they are father and son. Hunter asks Wally how his wife took the news and Wally assures him everything’s fine. Later, Hunter tells Olivia, Leah and Irene the news and they arrange a sit-down meal with Wally. After meeting, Leah makes it clear that Hunter has been through a lot and she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Later, when Wally is alone, he makes a secret phone call and tells his wife that his ‘conference’ is going well. Is Wally telling everybody the truth?

Also, Raffy apologises to John and Marilyn for how she behaved when they told her she couldn’t see Mason. Later, at school, Raffy and Coco finally make amends. Raffy explains that she wants to see Mason, so the pair come up with a plan to get Raffy out of tutoring, so she can sneak into the hospital. Will the plan work? Later, Coco is bullied by Jennifer and her friends, will Coco be able to stick up for herself? And will Coco tell Raffy how she truly feels about her new life in Summer Bay?