John is frustrated with the lack of progress he is making in therapy. Dr Bailey keeps asking John numerous questions about his childhood, but John struggles to remember anything clearly and continues to blame himself for his father’s death. Later, Dr Bailey talks to Jett and explains the lack of progress, but suggests other techniques such as hypnotherapy may help jog John’s memory. Jett gives Marilyn an update on John’s lack of progress and she reveals she is a trained hypnotist. Will she be able to help John remember his past?

Ash is struggling to calm baby Luc down. When Kat comes home to change her uniform he asks for some help, but she says she’s too busy with work, leaving him frustrated. Ash takes Luc out for a walk and Leah suggests he takes Luc away for a change of scenery. Ash takes Leah’s advice and begins to pack their bags, but will Leah join them?

VJ struggles to fix the flat tyre that Hunter burst in a rage. They eventually make it back to Summer Bay and Leah reprimands Hunter for damaging Zac’s car. Will Leah’s words push Hunter to the edge?